Secure ultra-fast 5G internet - America first National Security Strategy

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Who would have thought that the president who writes in 140-character missives would suddenly be interested in 70 Gbps wireless internet access?

Dec 18, 2017, the White House released its congressionally-mandated America First National Security Strategy report. Tucked away in a section on improving America’s infrastructure was this action item: “We will improve America’s digital infrastructure by deploying a secure 5G Internet capability nationwide.” Other than natural gas, 5G wireless service was the only area of technology to get a specific calling out for infrastructure.

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Secure ultra-fast 5G internet5G wireless isn’t a specific technology per se, but rather a set of standards and technologies that interoperate in the millimeter wave spectrum to meet the needs of users today. That includes better performance around latency and bandwidth, as well as support for low-power, many-device contexts due to the rise of Internet of Things.

As Huawei’s wireless President Ying Weimin said in 2016 that the vendor has achieved trial 5G speeds of more than 70 Gbps:

“CloudRAN architectures are a very important function for delivering 5G and IoT. One terminal can integrate the stream from IoT, 5G and wifi together. So suddenly the mobile cloud is used as a service anchor, and we have a plan to implement CloudRAN in the LTE era to be fully ready for the 5G era. We also need a unified air interface, using elements like Massive MIMO and Full Duplex to boost the capacity of the network.”

“But for high frequency bands coverage will always be a massive challenge, so we need to be able to boost coverage and spectrum efficiency as a very high priority for the FDD and TDD spectrum. When thinking of radio networks and these challenges we also need to focus on ensuring high performance, and focus heavily on service management and deep intelligence. In the 5G era a lot of the tasks currently taken up by humans can be done by machines, allowing people to focus instead on service creation or business development.”

The standards have been discussed and researched for years. There is hope though that the technology will soon see the light of day since Verizon just announced that it will launch its first U.S. service of the technology next year in Sacramento and up to five other cities.

From Yahoo top reactions section:

The basic internet in South Korea is still faster than this “one” and has been for some years now. How the richest country in the world is behind the power curve on so many levels (socially, technologically, academically, mentally)? I have NO clue... Well good for you, its a start.

Now, a line in a report in Silicon Valley would be useless – people want to see actual products, not talk of products. But in Washington D.C., these sorts of coordinated reports are designed to send a signal throughout the government on how a particular administration sees policy issues. As such, they are important for setting the guidelines for future actions of the federal government. By attaching wireless connectivity into national security, the Trump administration is putting its heaviest hand behind such a recommendation.

From Yahoo top reactions section:

Our national infrastructure has become a national embarrassment. Government is suppose to be for the people by the people, yet it has now become for corporations by corporations. We are moving backwards while the rest of the planet is advancing forward. Pathetic.

In addition to supporting 5G wireless rollouts, the report dived into a bunch of startup and tech-related recommendations. Subtweeting Obama-era programs like DIUx, the Defense Department’s designated agency for interfacing with Silicon Valley, the report demands that federal agencies use startup technology more quickly in the field and pushes for a more agile deployment strategy. It also encourages more collaboration between technology companies and the Defense Department.

From Yahoo top reactions section:

East coast in the south and 45 minutes from a major city that will get 5G this next year (spring, summer, fall). My town is 3G with the exception of 4G off the high out of the town – my house gets 3G only and does cut off frequently. We own new phones that are 4G quality, they work poorly with 3G. AT&T said 4G will not be available ever near me because 4G production is essentially over. But I pay for quality service on average phones. Now with 5G leaving the average public behind, removing net neutrality, how are people to have good service. AT&T is raping the people.

The administration also lists what it says are the critical next-generation of technologies that will underpin the American economy: “To maintain our competitive advantage, the United States will prioritize emerging technologies critical to economic growth and security, such as data science, encryption, autonomous technologies, gene editing, new materials, nanotechnology, advanced computing technologies, and artificial intelligence.“

From Yahoo top reactions section:

If you want cheap and really fast internet move to just about anywhere outside USA. We are at the bottom when it comes to internet speed versus price we pay for it. Its all a monopoly here anymore in USA and it is the very government who protects them via the big donations have to keep flowing so they can control us all...

While reasonably clear, the report also has some two-faced challenges around immigration. The strategy argues that “The United States must continue to attract the innovative and the inventive, the brilliant and the bold,” but then includes pages of recommendations on strengthening borders and immigration controls that would seem to run directly counter to this high-priority goal.

From Yahoo top reactions section:

I would think a top priority of the government would be a separate internet for the DOD and another for infrastructure. Something dedicated that isn’t connected to the other internet. That way hacking would involve a physical connection and they could use unique services that would keep a normal computer from talking on the network.

In short, the strategy is about what you would expect from this administration. Except for 5G wireless. Because the president really needs less latency for his tweets.

From Yahoo top reactions section:

I’m supposed to get 4G where I’m at but my phone stays on 1x speed half the time and 3G the other half. On occasion it gets 4G. I think cell phone companies have the technology for faster speeds now but they’d rather bump your speeds to the bare bottom so they can stuff their pockets full of cash when you’re unable to use the data service as much as you’d like.

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  1. Chris Maccenroy
    Chris MaccenroyJournalist
    2017-12-22, 11:36PM
    Well, now that the super smart Trump administration has obliterated net neutrality, are about to voluntarily not collect ~$4-5 Trillion in taxes (which means no subsidies for infrastructure, or more debt which my generation will get to pay for), I cannot wait for my Verizon bill to double so that they can implement this. Thanks again, Trumplicans.
  2. Trevory Mogger
    2017-12-22, 3:38PM
    Funny! The White House is pressing for "ultra-fast 5G wireless service" as a "national security" issue, and at the same time, the military is concerned about defense against an electromagnetic pulse warheads that would shut down wireless communications, such as an "ultra-fast 5G wireless service".
  3. Morpheius
    2017-12-22, 3:33PM
    Our Government should force AT&T, Verizon, and others to provide decent bandwidth and decent data limits. The customers of these companies have been paying all these fees, etc and promised decent internet, etc. Yet we still pay astronomical prices especially those of us that can't get anything but satellite internet. That's like buying internet from the mafia. I can't wait to get some decent speed and data at a reasonable price. They have been raping me for the past 10 years. I hear all the big schemes that are "Coming Down the Road". Well they haven't been coming down my road. When I can get rid of AT&T as a phone company and satellite internet that will be a great day...
  4. Patricia J
    2017-12-22, 9:36AM
    Three years ago when I did got a new 5G as Hi5, or Lollipops 5 by Android apps, and Google apps From Galaxy S5 were not that working this mobile none successfully, since the technology or anyone who was scams stole those 5G just disappear to gone to reversed 4G, was not found 4.0 and 5.0 errors was! Still 4G was not change so far suppose to be 3G and 2G that was how, there was who people stand up behind your back. There masks/Cybertronians saw it by surveillance camera look up the ceiling roof.

    Can unknowns see your stuff of everything by unknowns robber those! That was old not new! Stole your account and emails and security acct by ID can see through the peek of views snatched to escapes gone all your ACTIVITY of apps emails and other public of those delinquents by phishers by corrupt the error ISP and IP too!
  5. Dave Smartier
    Author: Dave SmartierJournalist
    2017-12-21, 6:29PM
    There are several technical hurdles to overcome, and the biggest is for the industry and the world's governments to work together to develop a standard for 5G. Setting a standard will allow multiple devices, multiple networks and multiple users (humans/machines/drones/robots/phones/wearables) to access the network and its data in a consistent way, eliminating the need for humans to intervene. Additionally, allocation of more radio spectrum is vital to meet increased demand for capacity and data rates beyond 2020.

    By 2030, 5G will transform and create many uses that we cannot even think of yet. We will live in a world that will have 10-100 times more Internet-connected devices than there are humans. Hundreds of billions of machines will be sensing, processing and transmitting data without direct human control and intervention.

    1. Randall Mark
      Randall MarkJournalist
      2017-12-22, 12:39AM
      5G - is just military weaponry turned into communications! Directed energy weapons use millimeter waves (5G) they plan to automate the hacking response (put a STRONG AI in control of the whole network), so someone can not hack in and literally fry a whole city! Just the normal waves put out by 5G for communication break out DNA! Radiation levels are already above evacuation standards in major cities just from 4G.

      So it will only be worse! The 5G waves do not travel as far so they will need to put one every few blocks. If you care about your health or the health of your children I suggest you do some research before they put one on your house or your kids school! (Which is the plan) the telecom companies don't even care about the harmful effects that they are already causing! #WeDoNotConsent
      1. Frederick
        2017-12-22, 11:38PM
        I want the 10 Mbps download time that I purchased from CenturyLink and for which they supply only 4.0 to 4.5 Mbps which makes video resolution pretty poor when it doesn't stall.
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