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Off-gassing sleep: Avocado - this organic cotton Green mattress is free of toxic

Nicolle SteehleDec 7, 20172 9133 votes +1 rating
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We spend about one-third of our lives in bed, but we usually don’t put a lot of thought into how healthy of an environment it is. Avocado Green Mattress set out to change all that when they designed an affordable mattress made from non-toxic, natural, and organic materials.

Is going natural at bedtime that important? Yes! Unlike the delightful “new car smell,” “new mattress smell” – aka “off-gassing” – can keep you up at night. Despite the convenience and affordability of polyurethane or memory foam mattresses, most are made with synthetic foams and are often manufactured with chemical adhesives and chemical flame retardants. All of which aren’t so great for you or the environment (hence the, um, aroma).

© Image credit: Avocado Green Mattress

This organic cotton mattress is free of toxicAvocado Green mattresses are different. They’re made to order in California using natural, organic materials.

Materials like:

  • One hundred–percent natural Dunlop latex from tree-tapped and sustainable sources in Asia. (Rubber trees don’t really grow in the US.) Dunlop latex is made from tree sap and natural ash that get whipped into a foam, which is then steam-baked and washed. That’s it! No synthetic rubbers or polyurethane foams. Plus, it’s naturally antimicrobial and cooler than memory foam.
  • Avocado’s natural wool is grown by Joma® New Zealand Wool. It’s breathable, odor- and fire-resistant, and great at regulating temperature. All of which means: the wool helps you stay warm when the weather is cold, and cool when the weather is hot. It’s also OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified.
  • Finally, every mattress is made using organic cotton that has been grown without the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. It offers a luxurious, breathable finish that absorbs and wicks away moisture. Of course, their manufacturer ensures all of Avocado’s organic cotton is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard.

Real user’s reaction in Internet:

“These are great tips. I’m moving into the US into an incredibly small apartment and the kitchen seems like it took the biggest hit on space. I really want to make sure this place feels like home and not just a place I’m staying. The rest of the apartment (other than the guest room and bathroom because those are my personal pet projects) will be done by Furnishr (store in New York City) so I really needed this inspiration. Thanks!”

Most of these materials are renewable and biodegradable. (Even the latex is compostable!) The whole mattress is GREENGUARD Gold Certified by UL Environment while the company is an active member of 1% for the Planet®, giving back revenues to support environmental nonprofits. All of which is to say, they’re really in to being green.

Real user’s reaction in Internet:

“I don’t know about other people, but as much as I would like to replace some things I use with “green products”, a lot of times the cost of a green product is 2x-3x more than a “toxic product”. Maybe for people who are not on a tight budget they can spend extra money on products that are healthier for them and the environment. I clicked on the website to see how much their equivalent of my current mattress would cost (pillow-top queen size mattress) and the price is $1,799.00 which does not include sales tax. Considering I paid $550 for my mattress at Macy’s and they took my old one away as well, I find this highly expensive. They do say I can finance the mattress for 12 months with an APR between 10-30%. That is crazy. Even at 10%, I would pay roughly $100 in interest for a mattress. Call me cheap or maybe since both of my parents are accountants and I am in school to be one as well, I am of the belief that if you need to finance something that is not an asset, you can’t afford it. As much as I would prefer to be eco-friendly, it’s not happening with these prices.”

To complete your green sleep environment, Avocado also makes pillows from natural latex and fill for a medium plush feel. You can rest easy knowing that all of Avocado’s products come with a 100-night risk-free sleep trial, free shipping, free return pickups, available 0% APR financing, and a 25-year limited warranty.

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  1. Kristeen Felipe
    2017-12-19, 2:09PM
    We sleep not on Avocado's mattress, we sleep like a babies on Loom & Leaf's luxury memory foam mattress (brand by Saatva)! I was a bit hesitant buying a mattress online that I never tried but it has been the best purchase ever! I bought a "King Relaxed Firm Mattress". The shipping was quickly. Customer service was great and they took care of any problem right away.

    I have two sections for my review and all are 5 stars. The first - is customer service. We had an issue with the delivery of the mattress. This issue caused us problems for 2 days and had the potential of making us very angry. The communication and correction of the problem from the customer service was so great that there was no anger. Through the entire process the customer service was responsive, polite and fixed every issue that arose. By far the most outstanding customer service group I have ever encountered.

  2. Sarah Gillmor
    Sarah GillmorJournalist
    2017-12-19, 9:16AM
    Love our mattress! I did my research when we started looking for a natural/green mattress. We loved how thoughtful the Avocado company was with first how their mattresses are made, but also their company ethics, including discounts for military, teachers, nurse, etc.

    Their amazing warranty and the 100 night trial made us even more confident in our decision. We chatted in twice with questions during the process, and Trisha was warm and helpful each time. But the bottom line is how much we love it! I'm a side and back sleeper and my husband is a side and stomach sleeper. We didn't make much of the fact that we each woke up achy from our old mattress, thinking it was our age, but we wake up ache-free. There's just a luxurious comfort to our queen size Avocado with pillow top. We couldn't be happier with our purchase!
  3. Jason Hensel
    Jason HenselJournalist
    2017-12-7, 7:28PM
    To be honest - I have no idea what I am sleeping on. And I will continue sleeping on whatever the hell I am already sleeping on, until I move out. So for the next 1.5 years, who knows what is beneath me as I dream. But when the time comes, and I get my own place, this is something to totally consider and think about!
  4. Nicolle Steehle
    Author: Nicolle SteehleJournalist
    2017-12-7, 6:52PM
    Just don't forget, replacing an existing product with a "green" product creates a larger environmental footprint than just keeping what you have. wink
    1. iLawyer
      2017-12-7, 7:11PM
      I used to think that too until I learned about clothing contributing to microscopic plastic particles in the wash water - true recent news story. But now I've been thinking. Upcycling items like clothing and mattresses when purchasing eco-friendly goods helps reduce the environmental footprint by extending the life of what we buy - and if we choose wisely we can keep it from polluting our waste systems. It helps us develop the good habit of buying earth friendly products and supports the green economy. If we don't support good companies, they simply won't survive.
    2. Morpheius
      2017-12-7, 7:25PM
      I heard that one too. I think it's definitely a balance and I'm not sure there's a one size fits all right call - I tend to favor consuming less, period, but green companies do need our support if we want these kind of alternatives to exist. I'm just leery of the idea that we can shop our way out of the problem, when consumer culture is a big part of why we're in trouble.
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